Roberto Cavalli is synonymous with joy and optimism, with glamour and success, with luxury and beauty. His world is non-conformist and free, sensual and always seductive. Roberto Cavalli conceives fashion as a total experience. The style he proposes is not merely a way of dressing, but a way of being: a lifestyle. His is an intangible and highly aspirational dream. A questioning man and a lover of life, Roberto Cavalli is able to convey a great energy with whatever he does. He’s an attractive person because he is always positive and close to his public. The Roberto Cavalli imaginary mixes the respect for traditional craft with a firm will to experiment. The designer is world-known for his prints, which convey his love for nature and his unbridled creativity. But Roberto Cavalli is also unpredictable: his style changes constantly, in a never-ending quest for technical and artistic new solutions. His ability to understand, bring out and highlight the glamour hidden in every woman, is unparalleled. The fashions of Roberto Cavalli charm immediately: they give an emotion. Cavalli is considered the designer of the star system. His motto is “a dress can change your life”, and the many celebrities and friends the world over who identify with his multifaceted style can testify. Big stars such as Madonna, Sharon Stone, Drew Berrymore, Demi Moore, Carherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyoncè Knowles, Charlize Theron, Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson are all ambassadors, today, of the Cavalli way of life.


Il mondo di Roberto Cavalli è un luogo anticonformista e libero, sensuale e sempre seducente, dove la moda diventa un’esperienza totalizzante tra gioia, glamour, lusso e successo. Lo stile Cavalli è un vero e proprio modo di essere e di esprimersi, un mix di tradizione artigianale e sperimentazione che emoziona e varia in continuazione, ricercando senza sosta nuove soluzioni tecniche ed artistiche in grado di esaltare il fascino di ogni donna. Tra le più importanti ambasciatrici del “Cavalli Way of Life” troviamo grandi star come Madonna, Sharon Stone, Carherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyoncè, Victoria Beckham e Kate Hudson.